"Nothing builds a brand like emotion, and nothing drives emotion like video." Peter Field

Promotion Services for Companies
We have cost-effective packages for to promote your company, tailored to your needs.
Presentation videos, filming events, business portrait sessions, educational videos/tutorials for service presentation, video editing (the photo and video material you have can be modified and adapted to higher standards) etc.

Commercial Videos
Commercial footage and video iis professional video production meant to promote a product, a service, a person, a location or a company.
This can also include footage from conferences or company events, or video interviews for commercial purposes.
To give just a few examples of such productions:
- promotional or marketing videos,
- videos for building company identity,
- corporate videos,
- company profile presentation videos,
- individual presentation and promotion videos.
Such foorage have the potential to bring income, whether directly or indirectly - or at least to cover their own production costs and later bring further benefits to the company.

Corporate / Business Video
This has a multitude of applications, from videos for employee training to recording conferences and other corporate events. A particular types of corporate video is the one presenting the company's board of directors.
Its purpose is, effectively, to present the company's fundamental values and mission.

Product / Marketing Video
Its goal is to sell a product. It provides a possibility to showcase the main advantages and functions of the product, while showing it in its best light, just like product photography. It is highly useful, for instances, when companies bring out a new product that needs to be presented to clients and business partners.

Educational Video / Tutorial
This is the kind of production meant to provide training or educational content to its watchers.
This kind of promotional video helps a brand get notoriety and is highly useful in showcasing your experience and expertise, comvincing your clients that what you are providing is indeed what they want.

Personal Promotion Video
An effective branding method.
Image is the most impactful way to influence human behaviour, and photos and video are an essential part of building up a brand. This kind of video is highly personal, rich in emotion, meant to establish empathy with the person promoting themselves. It allows you to create a transparent environment, and the clients who resonate with you will like you more and be more eager to see what kind of services or products you have to offer.