We are a mobile photography, video and film production studio.
We are specialised in documentary and commercial filmmaking, as well as in photo production, and offer a wide range of services, from product photography (for example e-commerce) to art or creative photography or music videos, journalistic footage or documentary films.

And, since we enjoy sharing the knowledge we have accumulated in our 10 years of international experience, we provide consultance and classes, both on- and offline, to help you create your own photo and video content, even with your smartphone!

Daniel Ioan Bărnuți

Director/Director of Photography/Producer Born in 1981, in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania - Romania. In 2005 he began work for one of the most important Romanian TV shows. In 2011, he started to travel and explore different cultures, living in the Middle East for seven years and working as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Daniel is now a film director and has his own production company. He has a Master's degree in Documentary Filmmaking from the Theatre and Television Faculty in Cluj-Napoca. The film he is currently working on, titled The Wedding Operation, is co-produced by HBO Europe.

Alexandra Lizeta Bărnuți

Born in 1988 in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania - Romania. With a degree in Communication and Public Relations, she has worked for several important Romanian marketing and PR companies. Photography is one of her great passions; currently, she is exploring documentary filmmaking. She is a creative producer for the film The Wedding Operation, a co-production of HBO Europe developed at the Masterschool Documentary Campus programme between 2017 and 2020, which has already won two awards in Germany and Romania.