An effective branding method for companies
📸🎥 Special class tailored to your company! Create your own SMART photo-video content, even with a smartphone!📲

Because we want to support companies through this difficult period, we offer 50% off our course.
Marked-down price: 250 euro  (1 day of workshop + assistance in purchasing equipment)
+ expenses with accomodation, food and transport, if we need to travel outside Cluj-Napoca.
*extra days cost 150 euro each

In creating content, fotovideo your company no longer needs outsourcing; now the manager or employees can do it themselves. The solution is your own in-house photo-video studio.

To begin with, we need a concept to showcase the company vision and create a story through composition, colour and lighting, with budget-friendly, easy-to-use equipment.

To be more precise: a company can work on its own photo-video project in its own headquarters, with a  mentor to explain the standards of commercial photography to the project manager.
The Internet provides any amount of tutorials and online classes with information on this subject, but practical learning, geared to the company products or services and assisted by a mentor, is the most effective.

The equipment you will need:
– any type of photo or video camera, DSLR, or
– a high-end smartphone (iPhone 7 or equivalent).
– a laptop and a photo-video editing software, which can be free-to-use.

Free photo editing software:  Gimp –
Free video editing software: Shotcut –

The minimum budget needed, apart from the smartphone or camera, to roll out this kind of project in your own headquarters is around 100 EUR, which includes: a remote-controlled mini tripod, a light reflector and a reflector stand.

This is all calculated on the premise that natural lighting is available. If not, the budget will go up to about
250 EUR, depending on the situation on-site.

If you want to create a studio with a basic photo-video camera and other necessary accessories, the budget starts from around 700 Euro.

Then comes the actual work of the mentor, who will establish, with the help of the project manager, the company’s objectives and needs, the branding concept and the work plan.

Setting up the studio, photographing/filming and editing are all steps that can be done at the company headquarters, like a team workshop.

Thus, the work itself combines both the part that is useful to the company and the entertainment and team spirit component, integrating the team into the process of creating the company brand.

Our young team at TWO DOC is experienced in coordinating custom photo-video classes at the headquarters of several companies and have provided direct consultancy so that they can create their own content.

Thank you for reading this! We hope you have found it useful.
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